Real Racing 3 for iPhone: Tips to save money!

As you probably already know, Real Racing 3 was released yesterday on the App Store as a freemium app that we had indeed presented in this post .
The freemium model is of course much attention. Some people enjoy being able to play for free while others ranting on the annoying side too integrated in the game purchases.
Our colleagues from TouchArcade have decided to give us some tips to minimize or avoid many integrated shopping:

If everyone is pretty much agree to agree on the success graph of the game, the freemium side annoys many users.
Thus, our colleagues TouchArcade give us some tips to avoid or minimize app purchases too present in the game.
Buy departing the Nissan Silvia

This car has the best quality / price ratio departure.
Buy a second car as soon as possible

Initially, save your money to buy a second car rather than relying on improvement from the first.
Indeed, the time to repair often proving very long, you can run with a car while the other is being repaired.
Keep an eye on offers

The game offers regular temporary specials on some cars, allowing you to buy them cheaply.
Repair the damage as much as possible

Cars wear out every race whatsoever at the outer or inner elements. If repairs always cost too much, it should still do it regularly in order to maintain the performance of the car. Opt for repairs to internal parts (engine, transmission, etc.) rather than the body. It will not always be easy to find the right balance.
Try to find a good set of driving assistance to avoid possible clashes with other cars or circuit elements without reducing the pleasure of driving.
Start the repair long night

Some repairs are demanding long hours of waiting. By starting the evening, you will earn at least the time that passes while you sleep. ;-)
Obviously, this list is not exhaustive but we hope it will help some of you find the right tactics to make the most of Real Racing 3 without using the integrated shopping box.

What about you? These tips will they help you? Do you have any other Real racing 3 cheats to share?

BBM 2.2 simplifies registration for new users

BlackBerry continues to refine its BBM messaging application on iOS (and also BBM for PC On the menu of this version 2.2 simplification of registration for new users and a new login screen for existing users. Experience for adding new BBM contacts via their e-mail has also been improved. Other small innovations, the addition of 16 emoticons, tab updates is now called “RSS”, not to mention the inevitable bug fixes and performance improvements.

Disable YouTube History: New Google Tool

Who the YouTube would like to disable progress message, this had been done directly on the video service. As of now, the records can also delete a new Google page - and you can even disable the entire YouTube history.

Disable YouTube History
The Google Account History recently has four large buttons: In addition to the possibility of preventing the recording of the keywords and the site, here can now also remove YouTube data. Simply click on the button “Pause”, followed by “pause History”. Subsequently, YouTube and so Google is characterized according to the description on neither, according to which items you are looking for on YouTube yet which videos you watch. The previously recorded data will not be deleted.

Delete previous search history
You will need to “YouTube search history” or “YouTube playback history” and each switch on “Complete History Delete” button. Remember that Google, despite the settings all activities within their own services records - and these will not be accessible only for you.

WhatsApp: Messenger now available for Android Wear

WhatsApp on the SmartWatch? The latest update of the Messengers makes it now possible. WhatsApp now offers in its latest version also support for Android and Wear brings the chat app so on SmartWatch & Co.

WhatsApp Messenger for Android Wear
Since early August, the beta version of the popular messenger also supports the use via Android Wear. With the latest update of the Support for Smart Wear devices is ensured even in the final version. Messages, smileys and voice recordings can now be received and read on the SmartWatch. Via swipe gesture also can read also the previous message history with the corresponding contact. But even without SmartWatch is worth the latest version of the Messengers. WhatsApp receives the update to version 2.11.362 some bug fixes and improved functions for the message store.